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Item 4º do Juramento Anti-modernista São PIO X: "Eu sinceramente mantenho que a Doutrina da Fé nos foi trazida desde os Apóstolos pelos Padres ortodoxos com exatamente o mesmo significado e sempre com o mesmo propósito. Assim sendo, eu rejeito inteiramente a falsa representação herética de que os dogmas evoluem e se modificam de um significado para outro diferente do que a Igreja antes manteve. Condeno também todo erro segundo o qual, no lugar do divino Depósito que foi confiado à esposa de Cristo para que ela o guardasse, há apenas uma invenção filosófica ou produto de consciência humana que foi gradualmente desenvolvida pelo esforço humano e continuará a se desenvolver indefinidamente" - JURAMENTO ANTI-MODERNISTA


Eu conservo a MISSA TRADICIONAL, aquela que foi codificada, não fabricada, por São Pio V no século XVI, conforme um costume multissecular. Eu recuso, portanto, o ORDO MISSAE de Paulo VI”. - Declaração do Pe. Camel.


Ao negar a celebração da Missa Tradicional ou ao obstruir e a discriminar, comportam-se como um administrador infiel e caprichoso que, contrariamente às instruções do pai da casa - tem a despensa trancada ou como uma madrasta má que dá às crianças uma dose deficiente. É possível que esses clérigos tenham medo do grande poder da verdade que irradia da celebração da Missa Tradicional. Pode comparar-se a Missa Tradicional a um leão: soltem-no e ele defender-se-á sozinho”. - D. Athanasius Schneider

"Os inimigos declarados de Deus e da Igreja devem ser difamados tanto quanto se possa (desde que não se falte à verdade), sendo obra de caridade gritar: Eis o lobo!, quando está entre o rebanho, ou em qualquer lugar onde seja encontrado".- São Francisco de Sales

“E eu lhes digo que o protestantismo não é cristianismo puro, nem cristianismo de espécie alguma; é pseudocristianismo, um cristianismo falso. Nem sequer tem os protestantes direito de se chamarem cristãos”. - Padre Amando Adriano Lochu

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quinta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2017

The Vatican II Church and Martin Luther

So, it is logical and perfectly coherent with its own false principles that the Vatican II Church celebrates the great disgrace that overcame Christendom because of the apostate Martin Luther.

Translation: Contributor Patricia Ferreira
It is perfectly understandable that there are so many traditional Catholics stunned with the celebrations of the 5th centenary of the Lutheran Revolution. Indeed, it is painful to watch the Vicar of Christ on Earth, the successor of Peter, heading and encouraging a dithyramb of the disgusting heresiarch.
To me, personally, almost 56 years old and having lived similar scenes during the time of John Paul II, it doesn’t cause me such a surprise to see the hierarchy excited with all that. What makes me even more revolted is seeing our old churches, those gothic and baroque jewels, sacred and blessed places, rich of meaning to true Catholics, seeing those churches housing ecumenical orgies promoted by modernists heretics and Lutherans joint in the persecution against Catholics, as seen in the expulsion of young Belgians who prayed the Rosary in reparation against the profanation of a cathedral kidnapped for a bizarre ecumenical modernist Lutheran ceremony.
However, it must be said that it is equally understandable that the Church of Vatican II celebrates the 5th centenary of the nefarious work of Martin Luther. After all, without Luther and his revolution, with all its consequences, one cannot explain the Second Vatican Council, its various documents and its many reforms that poured from it.
Indeed, the new conciliar ecclesiology (in contradiction with Leo XIII’s Satis Cognitum, and Pius XII’s Mystici Corporis), as it’s shown in Lumen Gentium, with the famous expression “the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church” is protestant in its source. It is proven and documented that this horrible expression, of which the only objective is to blear the perfect identity of the Church of Christ with the Catholic Church, was introduced by dr. Ratzinger, per suggestion of a protestant pastor.
Furthermore, let us recall the disastrous history of the liturgical reform. The writer Jean Guiton, friends with Paul VI, declared that this pope told him he had the intention of making a liturgical reform that would abolish all elements that would be unpleasant to the “separated brethren”. That’s why, after the council had ended, he invited protestant “experts” to participate in the commission in charge of the reform of the Roman Missal. From this, an ambivalent liturgy followed. And today there is no one in his right critical mind who will not recognize that the modern mass, as it is celebrated in most parishes and so appreciated by renewed Catholics, this mass is not but a mockery of a protestant cult.
Let us also recall that the new exegeses, another sour fruit of Lutheranism, which threw to the sewer our venerable Vulgate, with the classical translations by Father Antonio Pereira de Figueiredo and by Father Matos Soares, this new exegeses which introduced rationalism and free exam in the Church and is taught in almost all universities and seminaries, this new exegeses promoted a pedantic “Biblism” among reformed Catholics, so that today one only finds Catholics ignorant of the Catechism but doctors in “biblical sciences”.
Let us take into consideration that today, in the Church, one lives a new moral, the situational moral, the “discernment” moral preconized by the exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Now, this new moral of the “concrete cases” that hates abstracts principles, this false moral that considers concupiscence indomitable, this moral has a Lutheran origin as well.
Finally, all the openness of the Vatican II Church to the modern world and to the lay state (considered as an ideal regime by the declaration Dignitatis Humanae), all the excitement of the post conciliar Church with the modern democracy based on the individualism and on the universal suffrage, none of this can be explained if one does not remember that individualism is the natural corollary of the false religious reform of the XVI century.
So, it is logical and perfectly coherent with its own false principles that the Vatican II Church celebrates the great disgrace that overcame Christendom because of the apostate Martin Luther. The person who likes the modern world, who likes democracy and universal suffrage, who likes divorce, abortion and “homosexual marriages” as rights that cannot be waived, who likes feminism and “female acolytes”, female lectors, female commentators and “female deacons”, the person who likes the new liturgy and the new ecumenical bibles, this person must be immensely grateful to the heretic Martin Luther and is so very right to celebrate the sinister date.
We traditionalists, supported by the intercession of the Queen of Victories, destroyer of all heresies, supported by the intercession of all saints and martyrs of the Counter Reformation, inspired by the examples of a Philip II and of a Mary Stuart of Scotland, supported by the example of Guararapes and the sermons of Father Vieira and of Bossuet, we shall continue to abhor this heresy of false reformers as Satan’s vomit. And, collaborating always with the grace of God, let us pursue our holiness by good deeds so we merit the heavenly glory.    
Anápolis, 10/31/2017.
Rev. Father João Batista de A. Prado Ferraz Costa

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